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Name:Doctor Spencer Reid
Birthdate:Oct 9
Location:United States of America

"There is no great genius without a mixture of madness."

With a brain that's bigger than the body it sits in, Spencer Reid is an interesting specimen of humanity. Reid graduated from high school at age 12 and continued his education attending college soon after. He has received a number of PHDs and continues his education as often as he can. He joined the BAU at twenty-two and has been working side by side with the team for a number of years. He is hardly the brute of the team, using his mind rather than his brawn, it's very rare that the stick of a thing even fires his sidearm. He has a mind that moves at a million miles an hour which is truly his greatest asset in the fight against those who wish to do harm to others.

Standing a little over six feet tall with messy dark coloured hair at any given length thanks to his appearance not being an important enough feature to spend any real amount of thought or time on. He dresses very professional in the style of clothing he chooses, despite being somewhat wrinkled with askew ties, however the colours are often oddly matched and occasionally he pairs these colours with odd patterned vests or sweaters. He's a little thing who's barely a hundred and forty soaking wet. With odd stances and queer mannerisms he's often deemed as 'weird' or a 'nerd' by those who don't even know him. Those who do know him however have been known to say about the same. Though when they say it, it is with kindness in their hearts and he doesn't seem to mind. He considers the members of the BAU his family and would do absolutely anything for each and every one of them. Sometimes the closest members of your family are the ones you pick yourself though when it comes to his biological family he has some scattered about and his mother whom he visits as often as he can, which admittedly is not often as she still resides in Las Vegas, and writes to daily.

Despite being considered a human computer he is a very emotional soul. Finding sometimes that the demands of the job are a bit draining on his psyche. Thankfully with that mind of his he is able to logically work out what is to be expected of him and how to achieve that in the best possible way. Though he has admittedly had his moments of breaking down as he is only human despite what those might think of him.


((Muse and Mun are over 18 years old. I do not own Criminal Minds, for obvious reasons, and I make no profit off of this journal as it's just for fun. Time is very flexible in terms of where he's from. I am up to date with the seasons so if you'd like something else please let me know.))
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